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Many IRC networks provide services for an array of things, most importantly is registering names such as Nicks and Channels. If you are planning to use a name routinely it may be a good idea to register it so that you have priority use of it.

Register a Nick

To register a name, be sure you are using the name you desire first and foremost. Make sure that you don't see any message requesting you to identify, if you do then that name is already taken. If you don't — it's yours. Be sure though to use it often as every 30 days, unused names are deleted from the registry.

If you're in the clear for the above, start by typing in your server or status window/tab:

/msg Nickserv register password email@domain.tld

Make sure this password is something that you don't use for anything else as good security hygene dictates. Email addresses will permit passwords to be reset, if you don't include an email, it can make it harder to recover your password if you lose it. Passwords cannot be read by the IRC Network Administration, only reset.

Once you type this, be sure whenever you connect to type:

/msg Nickserv identify password

This will reset the 30 day clock and stop your nick from being deleted from the registry.

Secondary Nicks

If you have multiple names you use routinely, you can group them all under one "Account" by registering your secondary names with the command:

/msg Nickserv group PrimaryNick password

Where PrimaryNick is the first name you have registered. It's a good idea to keep nicks all grouped together as it makes it easier to switch between them without re-identifying. It also enables the IRC Network Administration to see your use of them is legitimate whereas registering several primary nicks may come under question.

Reclaiming Nicks

If you inadvertently disconnect and reconnect to discover your name is "in use" (e.g. before Ping Timeout), you can request it be disconnected immediately by entering:

/msg Nickserv ghost Nick password

At which point you can switch back to that nick and identify (if needed).

This method also works if someone is squatting on your name and not respecting your registration of it.

Register a Channel

To register a channel, make sure you have registered your nick first. If you have done that, choose a name that is alphanumeric and can include "_" or "-". Basically anything that you see in a ".com" domain name you can use as a channel name. Once you chose that name, join it:

/join #channelname

If you're the only one there and have "Channel Operator" status (special icon next to your name denoting your status), it's yours. You can invite people into it at this time to join it and you'll retain your status. You can continue to register it to lock it in, again at your server/status tab:

/msg Chanserv register #channel password Description Text Here 

The password again is under the same rules as nick passwords are, and the description is freeform text that is entered into the registry that can make identifying the channel's purpose easier. Even if it is a private channel, enter a description to advise the IRC Network Administration of your channel's use.

If you're told your attempt is successful, you have completed the registration of the channel. Be sure to keep the channel populated and to have someone with channel operator status present so that the channel isn't removed or assumed to be lawless. The timeframe for that is 2 weeks (14 days), after which the channel may be reposessed or taken over by the IRC Network Administration as to avoid lawless channels being present on the IRC network.